Aerospace Approvals: Approved by Rolls-Royce Plc in accordance with RPS128 Conforms to ASTM D4376

About PERKLONE™ MD PERKLONE™ MD (Metal-Degreasing Grade)

Industry: Metal-Degreasing / Metal-Cleaning

Application: Highly stabilised Perchloroethylene for precision cleaning, manufactured metal parts using vapour degreasing equipment

Key Words: Vapour Degreasing, Precision Engineering, Precision Cleaning, Highly Stabilised, Manufacturing, Aerospace Approvals*

*Aerospace Approvals: Approved by Rolls-Royce Plc in accordance with RPS128; Conforms to ASTM D4376

All our products are manufactured under ISO9001 in the UK from premium quality feedstocks (>99.99% pure before stabilisation)

TRIKLONE™ & PERKLONE™ are REACH EU registered products

Chemical Composition

Molecular Mass 165.8
CAS Number 127-18-4
Chemical Formula: CCl2=CCl2 (C2Cl4)
Metal degreasing grade Perchloroethylene
Perchloroethylene (also known as Tetrachloroethylene or PCE)

AAV Test Kit ALKALINITY & AAV Test-Kit (Acid Acceptance Value)

Banner Chemicals UK have now launched the ALKALINITY & AAV Test-Kit for their customers who use TRIKLONE™ and PERKLONE™ in metal degreasing applications

ALKALINITY & AAV Test-Kit (Acid Acceptance Value) are used to monitor the quality of the Vapour-Degreasing solvents TRIKLONE™ and PERKLONE™

PERKLONE™, TRIKLONE™ conforms to ASTM for Vapour-Degreasing processes

PERKLONE™, TRIKLONE™ ASTM conforming products.

PERKLONE™, TRIKLONE™ aerospace approved products for the critical cleaning process.

The ALKALINITY & AAV Test-Kit save customers time and costs by maintaining PERKLONE™ and TRIKLONE™ to a high level of quality, and enabling a better degreasing process.

Perchloroethylene PCE (branded product PERKLONE™ MD)

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Banner Chemicals UK supply all grades of *PERKLONE™ (PCE, Perchloroethylene) and *TRIKLONE™ (TCE, Trichloroethylene)

*PERKLONE™ & TRIKLONE™ are made exclusively by Banner Chemicals UK

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Quality & Safety control

  • Environmental Management System – ISO 14001
  • Quality Management System – ISO 9001
  • Integrated Management Registration – PAS 99
  • Occupational H&S Management System – OHSAS
  • European Single Assessment Document – (ESAD II)
  • Fully committed to Responsible Care ®
  • REACH registration
  • Aerospace Approvals: Approved by Rolls-Royce Plc in accordance with RPS128; Conforms to ASTM D4376